Miss Mary Kestell, teacher

Our music classes meet once a week with Miss Kestell and it is her hope that the children acquire a taste for uplifting music which endures for a lifetime.  General Music Education is meant to give children an introduction and broad perspective of the world and field of music.  In addition to developing vocal skills, the children learn to perform on classroom instruments (rhythm instruments, soprano recorders, and hand bells).  On varying levels, the students also study music theory, folk dance, music from America and other countries of the world, orchestral and world instruments, music history, music careers, musical games, beginning composition, and music media.  Connections are made to the Liturgical Year and worship, morality and our Catholic faith, science, general history and social studies, other fine arts, foreign languages, reading and literature, the emotions, general health and wellness, movement, etc.  One highlight of the year is our annual Advent/Christmas concert and students are offered other possibilities for performance and music ministry as these arise.  A Fine Arts program is planned during the spring. 

Students are also offered the possibility of small group and private instrumental music lessons on a weekly basis with Mr. Bob Hudy.  Opportunities for music ministry and general musical preparation for our School Masses are offered through Mr. Jim Van Deusen, the Director of Liturgical Music in the parish.