Frequently Asked Questions about K4

1. Does my child have to be 4 before September 1st to be enrolled?
      a. Yes.  Children have to be 4 on or before September 1st of the current school year.
2. What documents and health records are required for K4 entrance?
      a.    Parents need to provide verification of the child's age with a birth certificate.
      b.    S. (120.12(16)(a)(b), Wis. Stats., requires schools to develop and implement a plan to encourage compliance with state immunizations laws and requires parents to present written evidence that their child has received specific vaccinations. Parents may claim waivers based on personal conviction or religious belief, or a physician may sign a health waiver if the immunization is harmful to the health of the student
      c.    Health and vision report forms will need to be completed by the child's physician to indicate that a child is up-to-date with immunizations and vision and hearing screening.
3. Does a child need to be tested to enter the K4 program?
      a.    Yes, St. Joe’s does test students prior to entrance.
4. What is the tuition rate?
      a.    4 half days: $ 1900 ($ 3.77 per hour)
      b.    5 half days: $ 2100 ($ 3.33 per hour)
      c.    4 full days: $ 2300 ($ 2.28 per hour)
      d.    5 full days: $ 2500 ($ 1.98 per hour)
A $200 per family mandatory SCRIP profit is required.  A book fee has been rolled into tuition.  There is a $150 non refundable registration fee for K4.
5. What is the max class size?
      a.    We keep a 1:11 ratio with 2 certified teachers.

6. Is transportation included?
      a.    Busing is available in the AM and PM for full day students.  Half day students will need to be picked up at 11:15am.
7. Will there be a certified teacher?
      a.    Yes, our teacher will be DPI certified.
8. Will the children wear uniforms?
      a.    Uniforms will be required for K4 students and will adhere to the student handbook policies.
9. Will the K4 students attend mass and be involved in other school functions?
      a.    The K4 classroom will be an integrated part of St. Joseph’s School and not be viewed as a separate entity.