Modern Woodman Oratory Contest 2014-2015  

This year's topic "A Great American Landmark"

In 1948, Modern Woodmen of America developed this contest to offer students an opportunity to develop skills in clear thinking and public speaking. Today, it is an important event in schools across the nation.

Students at St. Joseph School will first participate with their speeches in a school wide (5-8 grade) competition.  Our school competition is scored by a panel of three independent judges and takes place in our main church.  The two top scoring speeches will represent St. Joseph Catholic School at the District level.  If honored with a win at District level, our student(s) and their speech(es) will advance to the State level of competition and then finally on to the National level of competition.

Develops lifelong skills:

By preparing and giving a three- to five-minute speech for this contest, participants learn skills that will help with school projects, job interviews and even careers. The contest gives students a chance to:

  • gain new public speaking skills
  • fine tune existing English skills
  • enhance self-esteem
  • earn pins, trophies and recognition

Judging criteria:

Contestants will be judged using the following 100-point system

    40 points for material organization
    This accounts for theme and subject adherence, structure, content, logic and color.

    40 points for delivery and presentation
    This includes voice, pronunciation, enunciation, gestures and poise.

    20 points for overall effectiveness
    This scores impression and effect.