St. Joseph's Hands and Hearts Ministry

This is a service group for anyone that is in 6th grade through adult. (If there is a family involved, and the parents are present, younger children can help out depending on the project.) We help in the local parish community and local community. If you are in need of help from the Hands and Hearts team please call Lori Labadie at 262-662-3317 at the CFM office or eamil at  The group can help with a variety of things from outdoor yardwork to painting to cleaning tasks. 

If you would like to add your name to the list of volunteers please call Lori as well.  When help is needed with a project, an email is sent out to the entire team asking for help, and then whoever can make it can let Lori know. No one is expected to attend every event.  It is a great ministry to be able to help when you can and where you can.