Parish Life

Jesus calls us over and over to an active life of living our faith.  He modeled for us what he now asks us to do in his name.  In baptism as Catholics we are called to full and active participation in the church.  We can do this through service and outreach opportunitites in our parish community.

Throughout the Bible there are real and vivid examples of those God has called to serve him and his church.  God asked Nehimiah to do what most thought impossible when he asked him to rebuild the wall of Jerusalem.  By the magnitude of the project this task should have taken years to accomplish, yet by God's grace it took just 52 days. God has uniquly cut us out for relationship, and relationship through community.  As you explore what our Parish has to offer it is our prayer that you find your nitche in this community and find the place where God is calling you to serve him. How will you reach out in the next 52 days to impact your faith community?

"Two are better than one because they have a good return for their work." Ecclesiastes 4:9