What is it?

At the simplest definition it is-sharing with others what God has provided us.

Stewardship in the Catholic Church is a blessed opportunity to serve, nurture, support, protect, grow and strenghten one of the most precious gifts our Lord gave to us.  This treasure of immesurable value allows us to do his holy work through our hands, our voices, our minds and our hearts.

In his infinity wisdom, Jesus did not build his church out of stone or brick and mortar.  It is not cast in gold, or located on the highest mountain top.   Her created it in a place he loved and knew could stand the test of time- the hearts and minds of his faithful followers. 

These believers, inspired by God, went forth to spread his word to all the peoples of the world.  Today our knowledge of the way to Jesus lives on through these human ties, passed unbroken, from Christ, to generation after generation.  By saying "Yes, Lord!" we join this life chain of individuals who have answered the call to serve and preserve the living Catholic Church and her holy mission.

It gladdens our hearts that you have chosen to follow the Catholic Faith.  It brings us great joy that you have joined our parish family to worship with us.  We love you and pray that the Lord's grace and peace be with you always. As members of this parish we ask you to spend some quite prayerful time comtemplating how you can serve your church and be willing to step out in faith to respond to your Lord's call to stewardship.

Opportunities to share your Time, Talent and Treasure at St. Joe's




Bingo                                                             Stewardship and Evangelization Team     E-give (coming soon)                                             
Fish Fry Marketing Team Guide to Tithing
Fun Fest Building and Grounds, Garden Ministry Endowment Fund
Sunday morning Money Counters Finance Committee Debt Retirement
*Per Archdiocesen Guidelines these standing ministries, committees and activities fall under the Stewardship umbrella at our parish.

Not sure where to start?  Fill our our volunteer form, and our volunteer coordinator will contact you to guide you to the right activity for you!

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