Christian Formation Ministry (CFM)

Dear Families of St. Joseph Parish,

Christian Formation Ministry (CFM) assists you, the families, with religious education of the youth and adults of our parish.  While parents are the primary educators, the entire community of St. Joseph shares the responsibility to foster faith development and a sense of belonging.

Ministry depends on the community using the gifts, talents and resources of God has graced us all with to share.  CFM, in an effort to encourage walking with Jesus as true disciples, offers a portion of what youth and adults need for healthy relationships with God and each other.

As Catholics, the journey of walking with Jesus starts and is fulfilled in knowledge of scriptures and a complete prayer and sacramental life.  Sacraments are the sign and action of God's love and mystery given flesh through the Holy Spirit in our community of believers.

CFM prepares the youth and adults of our parish for the sacraments of Eucharist, Reconciliation, and Confirmation.  We offer classes for pre-school through Confirmation.  CFM also offers service projects, enrichments, retreats, special events, and masses.  In addition, CFM partners with various ministries in our church to uphold and further the mission of our parish.

We encourage and challenge you to help with that mission by taking an active part in serving your family's needs, our community and society.  CFM only exists with the service of dedicated catechists, volunteers and supportive parents and parish members.  If you are interested in serving with CFM, we offer training and support for teaching and volunteering.  We thank you for your "yes" to God's call to serve.

CFM is dedicated to assisting the parish with any religious education needs.  Please contact the CFM office with any questions.

Thanks for your commitment to walk with Jesus!

The CFM Staff at St. Joe's

CFM Contact Information

CFM Office Phone Number: 262-662-3317
Annie Collins, DRE - Child Ministry (Grades Pre-K through 5th) -
Lori Labadie, Director of Youth and Yount Adult Ministry (Grades 6th through YA) - 
Lindsey Mushall, CFM Administrative Assistant -

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